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3 reasons why you shouldn’t take your ex back

3 reasons why you shouldn’t take your ex back

When you think about the person that you love and want to spend your life with, it’s hard to imagine them ever hurting you. It may seem like they would never intentionally hurt you or lie to you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

After a divorce or separation, people often find themselves returning to relationships with their exes, whether from nostalgia, loneliness or some rekindled feelings of love brought on by distance. 

Jumping back into a relationship with your ex, however, may not be a great idea.

Reasons to not make the same mistake twice

Make sure there has been some time between when the breakup happened and when you seriously consider getting back together again with your ex.  You should also consider these three reasons from CNN as to why you shouldn’t take your ex back:

  • The legal ramifications:  Keep in mind that if you take them back it could lead to a future divorce as well as new legal issues with child custody. If your divorce battle was rough, you may not have the stamina to fight that twice.
  • The emotional consequences: The negative effect on your self-esteem, mental and physical health should be considered. There is an exponentially high chance of getting your heart broken again, and renewing your relationship could give you a false sense of security.
  • The financial consequences: Be aware of any financial commitments made by either party during the break-up period such as loans or new debts. Sometimes, it’s not until your ex isn’t around anymore that you realize what a financial drain this person was on your life.

When you take your ex back, you open yourselves to a lot of legal, emotional and financial misconceptions and confusion. It may save you some pain in the future if you insist on a prenuptial agreement before you re-tie the knot that clarifies what will happen if the marriage falls apart once more. 

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