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4 ways you could hurt your child custody case from outside the courtroom

4 ways you could hurt your child custody case from outside the courtroom

The divorce process can become a bit complicated for all parties involved, and sometimes, these frustrations may pour out of the courtroom. 

Small disagreements can get blown out of proportion, especially when you are in the middle of a child custody battle. It is important to remember that your actions outside the courtroom could negatively affect the outcome of your child custody case.

Avoid these missteps to increase the likelihood of a desirable outcome for your child custody case.

Venting anger in front of your children

In deciding a child custody case, the judge always places the child’s interests first. This includes their physical and emotional well-being. Letting your negative emotions play out in front of your kids will not work well for your case since it might affect them negatively.

Damaging social media posts

A custody order will consider the environment in which the child will grow up. Making social media posts that show you partying excessively may paint a negative picture of your capability to carry out your parental duties. Negative statements about your former spouse may also harm your child custody case.

Violating court orders

 Going against any court orders such as visitation time is likely to work against your case. Ensure that you understand the court orders and fully adhere to them.

Being uncooperative

Co-parenting is a team effort. If you show signs of being uncooperative, it could negatively affect your child custody case. For instance, if you refuse reasonable communication regarding the children, this may message the judge that you may not be the best parent to grant custody.

The bottom line

Navigating child custody cases successfully requires a clear understanding of the aspects of laws at play. You must make the correct decisions to safeguard your legal rights and look out for your interests.

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