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8 Tips for Success as a Divorced Dad

8 Tips for Success as a Divorced Dad

Being a divorced dad is not an easy task. You must learn a new way of life for yourself, as well as learn a new way of parenting. Divorced dads who are successful at parenting all share common approaches and outlooks. Continue reading to find eight tips to being a successful divorced dad.

1. Help Your Kids Cope

Divorce can be just as hard on your kids as it is you. Make sure that you are there for your kids and support them in any way necessary.

2. Try to Stay Close By

Staying close by to your ex-spouse’s home may not sound great to you, but it will benefit your children.

3. Stay Connected from a Distance

If you must live far away from your kids, make sure you stay connected! You can do so by sending care packages, sending surprises to show that you are thinking of them, or video calling them to check in regularly.

4. Be Prepared for Child Support

Make sure you pay child support on time, and do not talk about it negatively in front of your children. This can cause your children to worry that they are a burden on you.

5. Make Joint Custody Work

This can be tough, but you must make it work for your kid’s sake. You want them to feel at home with both parents, make sure your arrangements reflect that.

6. Make the Most Out of Your Parenting Time

When you have your children, have fun! Do not throw away important routines such as bedtime or homework, but remember that it is okay to treat your kids to something special when they are with you!

7. Date Thoughtfully

Remember, it can be unsettling for your kids to see you dating again. Be sure to be honest with your children, calm any fears they may have, be selective with who you tell your children about, and schedule your dates for when your children are not with you.

8. Create a Parenting Plan

A sound parenting plan is essential for the success of shared child custody. A parenting plan will help to define the responsibilities and schedules that each parent must follow. This plan can consist of things such as:

  • Vacation time
  • Which days the non-custodial parent will have the kids
  • Who is responsible for transportation?
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