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A review of physical child custody in Michigan

A review of physical child custody in Michigan

Like most others states throughout the country, Michigan has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act. This gives some standardization to child custody processes and determinations throughout the nation, but as with all legal matters it is important that individuals seek their own legal advice when matters of law affect their lives. This post offers no legal advice and should only be read as an introduction to the topic of physical custody for children.

Physical custody is an important part of child custody. It concerns where a child will physically live and which of their parents will have physical custodial power over them. If a child is placed in the custody of one parent, that parent has the right to make day-to-day decisions about how the child is raised. Physical custody can be given to one parent in a sole custody arrangement or may be granted to both parents who then just share in the physical custodial duties of raising their child.

Courts look at many factors related to children and their parents before they make final determinations about where children should live after divorces and separations. In some cases a child’s own preferences may be factored into a physical custody decision made by the courts.

As mentioned, physical custody is only one part of child custody in Michigan: parents also must work out who will have legal custody of their kids and how those duties will be divided. To get help with these and other important divorce-related matters, readers can contact their family law attorneys. Support can make a difference for individuals who are struggling to do what is best for their kids.

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