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Angelina Jolie wants new judge in divorce case

Angelina Jolie wants new judge in divorce case

The saga of the breakdown of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s marriage continues. Some Michigan residents were likely surprised — as many were — when the A-list celebrity couple announced they would be getting a divorce in 2016. The private judge who heard their case granted the couple a bifurcation in 2019 which essentially means they are divorced, although they still need to iron out some details such as those pertaining to child custody and division of assets.

The former couple share six children and their custody has been a bone of contention in the divorce case. Both Jolie and Pitt have kept relatively quiet about the particulars of their divorce. Pitt was cleared of child abuse allegations after an alleged incident with the couple’s eldest son. But for reasons unknown, Jolie’s legal reps recently filed a motion to have the judge who granted them a bifurcation removed from the case.

Experts are suggesting the request is likely to delay any decisions. The actress’s legal team has said Jolie is concerned something untoward was happening, namely that the judge had a relationship with Pitt’s legal team. The judge has 10 days to respond to the filed motion.

Divorce can be extremely confusing and complex — whether a couple is in the public eye or not. Michigan couples who have made the decision to end their marriages might do well to seek independent legal advice. An attorney may be able to shed light on the areas of the divorce process that aren’t easily understood, especially when it comes to issues pertaining to children.

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