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Avoid these 2 mistakes when seeking custody of your children

Avoid these 2 mistakes when seeking custody of your children

Child custody hearings and the uncertain time before them can be emotional because there is a lot at stake. However, the better you can control your emotions, the better your chances of achieving your desired outcome.

A judge has a limited amount of information about you on which to base their decisions. They can form an opinion about you from how you act in front of them and from the histories that you and the other parent tell them or the evidence the other parent’s attorney presents about you.

Maintaining respect during custody disputes will ease the process

Here are a few areas in which people often make errors in custody battles:

  1. Internet posts: Whether you use social media or have a personal blog or podcast, the other parent could use anything you share against you if they think it will help their case. Avoid venting your frustrations about them directly or indirectly. Avoid anything they could use to portray you as an unsuitable parent.
  2. Talking to your children: Your kids should feel free to talk about anything with you or your co-parent. They should not have to weigh out whether or not they can safely repeat what one parent said in front of the other. If you do not want word getting back to the other parent that you have been putting them down or calling them names, do not make those comments.

Not all child custody negotiations turn bitter. If you can retain a respectful relationship with the other parent, it makes it easier to do what is best for your child and ensure you both continue to play a significant part in their life.

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