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Being a good father post-divorce

Being a good father post-divorce

Going through a divorce is always a difficult process, and you may feel a great deal of guilt or worry about how the split may have affected your children. It is important to remember that going through a divorce could be one of the best things that you ever do for your children. Kids should never have to live in a home where arguments and fights occur frequently, and they are certain to be happier when they have to parents who are happy living independent lives.

Divorce is going to change the relationship that you have with your child or children because you may not have full custody of them anymore. But this doesn’t mean that your relationship with them will weaken. You can choose to see it as an opportunity to grow closer with your children and spend more quality time with them.

You can start by thinking about ways that you can make the best of the changes that are taking place. If you have shared custody, make sure that they can feel at home when they are staying with you. If possible, try to ensure that they have their own room and they are able to decorate it in a way that they like. If you spend weekends with your children, then you can focus on making memories together and establish traditions that you can share.

Fathers who are going through a divorce might worry that they will not be treated fairly in custody negotiations. However, courts legally must treat mothers and fathers equally and try to establish shared custody whenever possible.

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