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Child custody: Sorting fact from fiction when divorcing with kids

Child custody: Sorting fact from fiction when divorcing with kids

When children are a part of divorce, there may be even more pressing issues to iron out. Michigan parents who have decided their marriages are no longer viable need to put their children first, especially when sorting out the details of child custody and even when they’re going through their own emotional turmoil. Knowing what the divorce process entails and separating fact from fiction may make ironing out the details less stressful.

Always connected

If parents think once they’re divorced, they’ll never have to deal with each other again, they need to come down to earth. The fact is, once a couple shares children they will always be tied in some way by those children. If they share custody they will have to make major decisions together regarding their children. When kids reach adulthood, parents will still need to be civil to each other during events they share with their children like marriages.

Divorced couples can still be great parents

Even when parents are divorced, they can agree to be stellar parents to their children. The disparaging feelings they may have toward each other don’t need to cloud their judgement when parenting their children. The focus needs to be how a former spouse parents his or her children and to allow each other to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with their kids.

Parents need to continue to be the best parents they can be once all child custody issues have been taken care of. When former spouses understand how they treat each other has an impact on their kids, it may make it easier to maintain an amicable relationship with each other. Michigan parents in these situations may need assistance to fashion a co-parenting plan that meets their particular needs, so seeking independent legal guidance may be the wisest idea.

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