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Child Support: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Child Support: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

On its face, child support appears like it should be a simple issue to resolve. Both parents want their children to have the financial resources they need to thrive, whether or not their parents are together or apart, right? This is true for the most part, but the legal and financial issues involved in determining child support go far deeper than the surface issue of making sure that children are financially supported. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that often complicate child support.

Child Support and Paternity

Paternity needs to be clear to establish child support. This is cut and dry in cases involving married couples; husbands are presumed to be the father unless proven otherwise. In cases where paternity is unclear, it may be necessary to obtain a paternity test. Paternity is also required for child custody and parenting time.

Child Support and Finances

Deadbeat parents exist, but they are rare. Most parents want to provide for their children regardless of their relationship status with the other parent. Unfortunately, their financial situation can complicate the process. Child support formulas are simple but are only as accurate as the information fed to them. Issues such as a parent’s employment status, earning potential, and available sources of income can become the focus of intense legal battles.

Child Support and Life Changes

Child support orders are a reflection of their time. Major life events such as a job loss or significant changes in a child’s needs create the need to revisit – and possibly relitigate – child support.

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