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Co-parents can keep their peace by using apps

Co-parents can keep their peace by using apps

Coordinating your own schedule can already be a difficult process. As a parent you must multiply scheduling responsibilities by how many children you have. And as a co-parent you need to develop a parenting plan that molds into both you and your ex’s schedules.

Thankfully, there are plenty apps that help co-parents collaborate and keep each other in the loop. Instead of letting the organizational tasks of parenting seem daunting or create tension, you can utilize your mobile phone and technology that is readily available.

Manage schedule change requests

Although, having an ultra-flexible co-parent would be ideal, keeping your children’s schedule consistent can teach them the importance of routine and provide a sense of security. A perfect balance between the two involves having a method in place for asking to change upcoming parenting time or shift an upcoming vacation when emergency situations arise.

The scheduling function of the Coparently app allows parents to make schedule change requests. And simply having a designated place for these types of requests can provide a sense of relief and help create communication boundaries.

Organize child-related expenses

There are also plenty of apps that can help you keep track of child-related expenses. You can opt for another co-parenting app like 2Houses and WeParent or use money request apps like Venmo or Google Pay. Co-parenting apps can help with tracking and organizing expenses. While, money request apps can allow you to sort of put the ball in your ex’s court when it comes to holding up their financial duties as a parent. It can often feel less confrontational than having to send out an email or make a phone call asking your ex to contribute to a child-related expense, such as their sport team registration fee.

Communicate with kindness

Choosing to message your ex through a parenting app instead of texting them can also save you from arguments. In fact, there are apps that have built-in technology that flags problematic messages before you send them out. That way you can revise your message and remember that one of your main purposes with checking in with your co-parent is to make sure your children are doing well. So, while any resentment or anger you feel toward your ex is okay, you can find other outlets to talk about it and choose to use an app to stay civil for the sake of your children.

If you feel like you’ve tried every app available and still can’t find common ground with your custody plan, then a family law attorney can help you come up with a solution or seek a custody modification.

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