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Consider your child’s best interests in custody decisions

Consider your child’s best interests in custody decisions

One challenge of divorce when you have children is determining what type of parenting arrangement is going to work. The court demands that the parenting plan is in the child’s best interests, so you must ensure that you keep that at the heart of every decision you make. We know that this might not be easy because you still have emotions that you have to deal with.

As you think of each decision you have to make, consider how they will impact your children. You might be surprised to learn that some decisions aren’t necessarily going to work in the way you originally thought. It’s usually a good idea to think about every option that presented so that you can do what’s truly best for the situation, even if it wasn’t your idea.

We understand the struggle our clients go through as they try to make these decisions. There are two primary areas that you can focus on first that might help – safety and health. Options that will have a negative impact on the child’s safety or health should be counted out right away.

Children who are older might be able to give their opinion about various points. While it isn’t usually a good idea to put them in the middle of every decision, you might discuss options with them when there multiple options that are suitable.

Remember that you should set the child custody arrangements based on what the child needs now. Their needs might change over time, and that’s when you and your ex can modify the child custody order.

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