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Divorce And the Grieving Process

Divorce And the Grieving Process

Divorce can be just as emotionally taxing as the death of a loved one. You are losing someone who has played a significant role in your life for quite some time. It is likely that you will go through the stages of grief when you are moving through the divorce process. These five stages are:


Whether you are seeking a divorce or your partner has initiated it, you will be in the stage of denial. For example, if you are filing for divorce because your partner had an affair, you may catch yourself denying that the affair even happened.


Being angry is completely normal. This stage may last an exceptionally long time, and it may even come back repeatedly. An example of this stage would be if your car breaks down, you lose your job, and your pet becomes sick, you may blame all these things on your ex-spouse.


In this stage, you will catch yourself trying to fix the damage caused by the divorce. You may attempt to fix the marriage, or you may convince yourself that you will never find anyone else that will make you as happy as your ex did. These are all normal thoughts, and they are all part of the grieving process.


This is often the toughest stage to go through. You may be so down that you do not want to get out of bed or even having anything to eat. This stage also tends to set people back to the denial or anger stage before moving on to acceptance. If this stage affects your daily life, you may benefit from speaking to a therapist or joining a divorce support group.


Acceptance does not mean happy. Just because you accept the divorce does not mean you must be happy about it. Acceptance solely means that you have finally realized that what happened is real and that you must move on. If you have gone through this stage but you are still feeling anger and depression, you may want to consider speaking with a therapist.

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