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Do not make these common divorce mistakes

Do not make these common divorce mistakes

Spouses need to avoid certain common divorce mistakes if they want to stay out of a Michigan courtroom. Whether the divorce goes to a trial depends in large part on how the two spouses act. If you are unreasonable, unrealistic or confrontational, it may transform the divorce into a bitter one.

Do not overreach financially

If you try to take the entire loaf when it comes to dividing the property, you will leave the other spouse with no choice but to litigate. You need to understand their motivations and the reasons why they could deserve an equitable distribution. Try not to have unrealistic expectations. While you do not need to do all the compromising, prepare to end up with less than you initially though. Moreover, you need to have a possible financial plan in place before you begin divorce negotiations.

Keep the lines of communication open

Many spouses make the mistake of thinking that they cannot talk to some who they in the process of divorcing. While lawyers are helpful, you want to talk to the other spouse directly if you can. This will increase the chance that you can reach a resolution without running up a large legal bill. There is nothing that says that divorce must be adversarial. If you take an adversarial posture, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you will find yourself in the midst of a court proceeding.

One way to get a reality check of your actions and posture is to hire a divorce attorney. Your lawyer could give you advice on how to approach the other spouse and keep the case from becoming a legal nightmare. The best scenario for you is that the case settles amicably, and an attorney may help you reach that goal.

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