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Do your marital problems justify a divorce?

Do your marital problems justify a divorce?

Married couples in Michigan have inevitably experienced challenges at some point in their relationships. Now more than ever, tensions may be high as people cope with the ramifications of the recent pandemic, which can be anything from economic troubles to health issues to mere frustration over being cooped up inside. If you are feeling unhappy in your marriage, it is important to assess whether your circumstances are temporary or whether there is an insurmountable disconnect in your relationship.

Are you and your spouse growing together?

For the most part, couples should mature and grow in a relationship, notwithstanding setbacks that occur as a result of something like a job loss or a death in the family. If you feel like you have stagnated in your relationship, or if you or your spouse have developed negative habits or are enabling each other to engage in unhealthy behavior, this should be discussed. If you feel like your partner is holding you back and unable to help you grow, then you may want to think about whether a divorce would help set you on the right track.

Are you happy in your relationship?

Being happy in a relationship is different from being happy in this moment. Even if you and your spouse are going through a rough time, you should still feel like your life is better with your spouse than it would be without. Ask yourself, do you want to be around your spouse physically, and do you like going to your spouse for emotional support? If you would rather be talking with or spending time with someone else, this could be a sign that you are unhappy in your relationship.

Are you both working together to maintain the relationship?

Marriage requires compromise from both spouses. If one person tries to change the other’s values, or if one person always sets the course of the relationship or makes the other person feel unempowered, this shows that the relationship is not healthy. Talk with your spouse about the problems you are experiencing in your marriage and assess whether there is a way to resolve any issues short of getting a divorce.

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