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Does Michigan Law Prefer One Parent Over the Other?

Does Michigan Law Prefer One Parent Over the Other?

Child custody negotiations are often an emotionally taxing experience for families. In addition, differences in state laws will considerably influence the outcome of these cases, so it is essential to arm yourself with information about custody determination.

Michigan judges will attempt to grant children access to both parents whenever possible. However, the extent of custody and parenting time for each parent depends on your unique family structure. Ultimately, a judge will make a custody determination based on the child’s best interests. Because rulings on custody matters can be variable, choosing an experienced child custody attorney is essential to ensure an appropriate custody arrangement.

Are Women More Likely Than Men To Get Custody?

The scale of parenting time granted in child custody disputes tips in favor of women in most states. As of 2018, the national average of child custody time given to fathers was 35%. The distribution of parenting time granted to each parent varies considerably among states. 2018 data indicates that Michigan fathers were awarded 27% of child custody time on average, meaning that Michigan children spend approximately 99 days with their dad for every 266 days with their mom.

Although these statistics may appear to indicate a gender bias in court custody proceedings, the explanation for this discrepancy is much more complex. One reason that women may receive higher amounts of custody time than men has to do with which parents can demonstrate that they have been the child’s primary caregiver. Regardless of your gender, a skilled child custody attorney will help you establish the significance of your parent-child bond throughout the legal process to reach a fair parenting time agreement.

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