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Establishing a routine can help children cope with divorce

Establishing a routine can help children cope with divorce

A divorce is a significant upheaval for the entire family. For this reason, both spouses generally think carefully about it before proceeding. However, it is often a better choice than staying in an unhappy relationship, and the family can get through the other side. 

There are a number of coping methods that can help children to adjust, with one of the most useful being to establish routines. Outlined below are some of the key reasons why routines can help children cope with divorce. 

A reduction of stress 

Children do not tend to cope well with prolonged stress, especially when they are younger. Knowing as far as possible where they will be each week, who they will be with and what they will be doing can greatly reduce anxiety. Children tend to thrive on routine and stability, and while a divorce is a big change in itself, it doesn’t have to be surrounded by constant disruptions. When parents are able to communicate effectively, routines can be kept up, and challenges can still be overcome as a family unit. 

Boundaries are important 

While individual parenting styles may differ, both parents can remain consistent on the fundamentals. For instance, having set curfew times, bedtimes and designated hours for completing homework help to create clear guidelines. Additionally, when parents show a united front in terms of discipline, children can recognize how they are expected to behave. 

Divorce can be stressful on children but there is no reason why they cannot thrive afterward. When parents are able to establish routines, this can keep disruptions to a minimum. As you rebuild your life after divorce, remember that you have legal rights as a parent in Michigan.

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