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Having a child will not prevent divorce

Having a child will not prevent divorce

In some cases, when people feel that a marriage may be ending, they decide to have a child in hopes that it will save that marriage. They may think that they’ll be a better couple if I have to focus on the child together, or they may feel that it will make their marriage stronger if they’re a family and not just a couple at all. 

But relationship experts are always quick to point out that this does not work. Having a child isn’t going to save a relationship. It’s not going to make someone stay if they want to get divorced. It is never advisable to take this route.

A child could actually make divorce more likely

In fact, having a child can create a lot of financial stress and stress regarding careers, time and schedules. It’s a lot to take on, and two people certainly need to be on the same page about wanting to have a child and how they’re going to take care of that child.

Not all couples can handle this, and some find that the stress of having a baby is too much for them. A previously happy marriage may come to divorce if they can’t get over some of these hurdles. In this sense, if you’re already worried about divorce, having a child is likely just going to make it more probable that you will wind up ending your marriage.

Rather than thinking about ways that you can attempt to stop the divorce, it’s often better to accept that this is the reality of the situation. Then you can begin looking into all of your legal options and planning for the future. 

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