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Helping children though the divorce process

Helping children though the divorce process

It is not just a couple who is affected when their marriage comes to an end. All family members are impacted, especially children. Divorce can affect the mental health of kids, no matter what their ages. Married parents in Michigan who have decided to end their marriage must always think about what they’re doing and whether or not it is in the best interests of their kids. Thankfully, there are certain things parents can do to make the divorce process easier on their children.

What parents can do

The first item on the agenda is telling the children about the divorce. It might come as a surprise to them or it might not, but the news should always come from both parents. The conversation needs to be age appropriate and the main message should be that they will always be loved and that the divorce is not their fault. It’s important to explain to them what to expect as the divorce moves forward. If the kids are old enough, they may be able to provide their thoughts about parenting time and custody.

Outside help may be needed

Children do not like change and most have a fear of the unknown. Even when both parents provide support and love, children may need to talk to a counselor or therapist to positively process their emotions. Children’s mental health should be a top priority.

Parents may also find it helpful to seek independent legal advice from a Michigan attorney when it comes to issues pertaining to divorce such as custody and visitation. The decisions made relating to the children during the divorce process may affect them for their entire lives. It is crucial to have as much information as possible before making those important decisions.

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