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How can parents in Michigan figure out a transportation plan?

How can parents in Michigan figure out a transportation plan?

When dealing with matters of joint custody, it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child is safely transported from one house to the other. To make the process easier, parents can figure out a transportation plan ahead of time. Here’s what divorced parents should discuss when formulating a transportation plan.

What should divorced parents include in their transportation plan?

If the parents live in the same city, transportation might be easy to figure out, but if they live in different cities or states, joint child custody can become much more complicated. The parents should figure out who’s responsible for dropping off the child and picking them up afterward. They might alternate between visits or place the responsibility on one parent depending on the situation.

Additionally, parents need to figure out how to handle the transportation costs. If transporting the child means paying for gas, a plane ticket or a bus pass, the other parent might agree to cover the costs when their child comes to visit. If flying to another state or country is involved, the parents need to agree on a plan to ensure that their child travels safely.

Where can individuals go for assistance with their divorce?

An individual seeking divorce might wish to speak with a lawyer to help them navigate the issue of child custody. The lawyer may help them figure out if they should seek full custody or joint custody. Once they’ve discussed which option is best for them and the child, the lawyer may be able to help them negotiate in court for their preferred custody.

In addition to custody issues, a lawyer might help protect their children’s inheritance during the divorce. They may be able to help parents fairly divide up their assets and protect their business interests.

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