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How can you regain child custody in Michigan?

How can you regain child custody in Michigan?

Losing even a portion of your child custody rights can leave you heartbroken. Losing all your custody rights is nothing short of devastating. It feels like the end of being a parent and many people worry that they will never see their kids again.

Family law courts in Michigan understand that children need regular contact with both parents. When it is in your child’s best interests, most judges are willing to reinstate a parent’s custody rights.

Steps to help you regain child custody

Typically, parents lose child custody when their behaviors or perhaps health issues interfere with their child’s physical or psychological well-being. For example, if you have a history of extreme drug abuse, it may threaten your custody rights.

Regardless of why you were denied custody, taking the following steps can help you regain your rights.

  • Follow all stipulations for regaining custody ordered by a family law court, including the completion of parenting classes.
  • Request an in-home custody evaluation so you can show the court that you and your home are fit for your child.
  • Avoid getting in to arguments with your child’s other parent as it could hurt your case.
  • If you have visitation rights, be sure to exercise them to show the court that you want to be part of your child’s life.
  • Attend all hearings and meetings regarding your child and strive to be on time or early.

A family law attorney can also fill a valuable role in your quest to regain custody rights. Two of the ways a lawyer can help is by preparing your child custody petition and guiding you through the process of presenting your case to the court.

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