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How to avoid hurting your child custody case

How to avoid hurting your child custody case

The emotional stress of separation and divorce alone can take a huge toll on your life. When child custody is involved, it makes things even more challenging. 

While child custody cases can involve convictions and emotions, both parties must keep the child’s best interest in mind. It’s also important to avoid doing something that may hurt your ability to get the custody agreement you want. 

Moving out of the home

It’s common for one spouse to move out when a couple is going through a divorce. However, if you have children and you are the one who leaves the home, it may hurt your custody case. This may indicate that you aren’t dedicated to parenting your children or have abandoned them. While this may not be the case, your spouse may try to make it seem like that in some situations. 

Not cooperating with the other parent

It’s not uncommon to have strong feelings about your former spouse. While this is true, you can’t let these feelings overtake what is best for your child. Try to remain civil with your spouse and be willing to compromise. These things will help your child custody case in the long run. 

Posting on social media

You may think if you post something on social media, only your family and friends will see it. This isn’t always the case. If you happen to post something about your former spouse or your situation, it can be used against you in a child custody case. The best thing you can do is avoid posting on social media about your situation. 

Protecting yourself in a child custody case

There’s no question that divorce and child custody situations can be challenging and emotional. While this is true, you still need to ensure you protect yourself and do what is best for your children. 

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