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How to calculate alimony in Michigan

How to calculate alimony in Michigan

One of the most stressful and indeed controversial aspects to finalizing a divorce is often the calculation of alimony payments.

There can often be conflicting opinions between how much alimony is owed, and this is why the courts have tried to make the process as simple as possible by creating a calculation system. However, in reality there can still be issues, especially when there are conflicts about the true income of a spouse, or in relation to whose fault the break up of the marriage was believed to be.

How is spousal support calculated?

When alimony is being determined, the first thing that comes in to play is the current circumstances of each spouse, both financially and as a carer of any dependents that they may have. After it has been determined as to who the main breadwinner is, there can be an assessment of the future earning potential of the person who earns less money. Perhaps they can take a training course, or go back to working a full-time job once the children have started school. Factors such as these will affect the terms of the alimony.

Other factors will be taken into account, such as who was at fault for the breakup of the marriage, and whether both spouses and their children will be able to live at a similar standard after the divorce is settled. Working through an alimony negotiation is never a simple or easy one, but by seeking trusted advice, you will be able to work through the process in a mature way.

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