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How to prepare to file for divorce

How to prepare to file for divorce

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? If so, you may be experiencing an array of emotions, from stress and frustration to anger and sadness. While it can be difficult to think clearly in these situations, it’s important to take the right steps to prepare for this step. 

Divorce can be draining – emotionally, mentally and financially. Because of this, you need to ensure you are prepared for what’s to come

Get your finances in order

Before filing for divorce, you need to have a clear picture of your finances. It’s also smart to gather as much information about your spouse’s financial situation. This includes checking and savings accounts, deeds, retirement accounts, debts and any other financial information. Be sure to have tangible reports and statements that can be helpful during the divorce proceedings. 

Start taking steps to live separately

Before filing for divorce, it’s important to decide on who will stay in the house and who will move out, where you will live, who the kids will go with until a custody plan is made, and similar things. It’s also smart to open separate checking and savings accounts and separate your finances as much as possible. 

Build a support system

Having a support system while going through a divorce is invaluable. Let your family and friends know about your plans and that you may need someone to talk to and other forms of support during this time. This is an important part of preparing for a divorce you can’t overlook. 

Preparing for divorce

To have a divorce that goes as smoothly as possible, it’s smart to remain civil and be willing to negotiate with your spouse. This will also help to move things along and keep the cost of divorcing as low as possible. 

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