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How to reduce the stress of a divorce

How to reduce the stress of a divorce

Although divorce can be a difficult time, there are things people can do to make the process easier. It may help to choose an attorney to explain Michigan law and assist in negotiating the division of property and child custody. The attorney might help the individual protect themselves financially.

Focusing on the children’s needs, avoiding fights with the other parent in front of the children and not badmouthing the other parent to the children are all important. Parents may want to consider taking their children to a counselor if they need someone to talk to, and they might want to visit a therapist themselves. People going through a divorce need to seek support and take care of themselves. This includes avoiding excessive drinking and ensuring that they make an effort to get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. Talking to family and friends and even casual dating may also help.

Even though divorce is an emotional process, people should make an effort to set aside their emotions. The legal side of divorce is a business endeavor, and focusing on that instead of negative feelings can make negotiations or litigation go more smoothly.

Negotiation and litigation are both options for settling the divorce, and individuals may want to try the former instead of heading straight into the latter. Negotiation can cost less and create less stress than litigation, which can also take more time. Negotiation also puts the final outcome in the hands of the individuals. If they go to litigation and are unhappy with the judge’s decision, there may be little recourse although an appeal might be possible. Attorneys may assist with negotiation and with mediation if the individuals prefer to use an alternative dispute resolution method.

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