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Is there any valid reason to deny genetic paternity testing?

Is there any valid reason to deny genetic paternity testing?

Maybe you discovered that your spouse cheated on you. Now you worry that she cheated throughout the whole relationship. Although the state of Michigan assumes you are the father of your child because of your marriage, you have your doubts now and want a test before you start paying child support. Perhaps you were never married, and the mother of your child won’t let you spend time with them.

Whether you want to dispute or prove your paternity of a child, genetic testing is usually how the state resolves these concerns. In Michigan, paternity testing involves testing of not just the father and the child but also the mother. What if the child’s mother won’t agree to the testing?

A paternity test is painless and doesn’t have to cost her anything

For some people, the aversion to genetic testing is really just concern about the impact on the child. People might wrongly assume that a doctor will have to draw blood or that the test will hurt. Since it is just a swab of the inner cheek, it is painless and carries no risk for the child or either parent.

Additionally, while genetic testing can be expensive, the state does sometimes assist in covering the costs for paternity testing. Alternatively, you could pay those costs yourself if you feel that the test is important and you have the resources to do so. Otherwise, the courts may eventually decide who has to pay.

A mother refusing to comply with a court order for genetic testing probably knows she won’t like the outcome. If she won’t present the child for testing, the courts can help compel her to complete the testing so that you can verify or rule out your paternity. An experienced attorney can help you.

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