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Is working with a divorce mediator worth it?

Is working with a divorce mediator worth it?

Over the past 20 years, couples have been using mediation to draft their divorce resolutions at an increased rate. Mediation serves as a method of alternative dispute resolution that helps parties design their resolution together.

Mediation works well for divorce, especially for families. Co-parents can learn communication and collaboration techniques and draft a divorce resolution that works for everyone.

Advantages of mediation

A couple can petition a judge to use mediation. Often, asking to use mediation is enough for a judge to grant the request. People who are enthusiastic about the mediation process will have the most success. Mediation can offer a couple and their family several benefits:

  • Choice of mediator: Unlike a judge, the couple chooses their mediator. Professional mediators use their communication training to guide divorce negotiations toward resolution. Mediators do not issue rulings or assign fault, but help parties practice empathy and understanding to draft an agreement that satisfies everyone.
  • Choice of location: Traditional litigation can only happen when a courtroom has an opening in their schedule. Because of this, some couples must wait for months to begin their divorce negotiations. Mediated negotiations only require a neutral location that works for everyone. With mediation, couples can start their talks immediately.
  • Lower price: Since mediation does not use a courtroom or its personnel, the couple incurs fewer fees. Lawyers often charge lower rates when working with divorce mediation and some courts will help cover the costs of a mediator. Mediation can reduce the cost of a divorce by half.
  • Confidentiality: Court stenographers record courtroom transcripts, logging every word into the public record. These records may come back in future disputes, rehashing old arguments and regrettable insults. In mediation, all negotiations are confidential.
  • Better results: Couples, especially co-parents, express high rates of satisfaction with their mediated resolutions. With mediation, couples draft their resolution together, prioritizing compromise and teamwork. Each spouse feels invested in upholding their end, instead of feeling punished by a judge.

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