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Keeping the peace during the holiday season

Keeping the peace during the holiday season

Even though winter does not technically begin for another month, Michigan has already received cold winds, precipitation and other signs of the coming season. Although few people enjoy dealing with the hard winters that this region has come to know, many look forward to the celebrations and holidays that occur in the winter months of the year. In fact, the holiday season begins soon as families throughout the nation come together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

While the holidays are important to many families in Michigan, they are not always easy for everyone. Families that have been affected by divorce and separation may find more challenges than others as they work out their schedules and plans for being together. For some, it may be nearly impossible to find workable solutions to ensure that children get to see both of their parents on important days of the year.

Individuals can look at their existing child custody and visitation plans to better understand what rules they must follow when it comes to sharing their kids during the holidays. They can also learn more about their options for modifying or changing their custody plans if they can no longer fulfill the terms of their existing agreements and orders.

It can be hard for parents to get through the holidays without having their children with them, but it is important that they remember the holidays may also be difficult for their kids. At our law firm, we support parents and families who are struggling with their holiday child custody plans and who wish to attempt to establish custody schedules that meet everyone’s needs.

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