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Know what to do and avoid during the divorce process

Know what to do and avoid during the divorce process

No matter who you are and how well you prepare, divorce is still going to be an emotionally difficult time. There will be some highs, and there will be lows — but consistently working on yourself and your divorce throughout the process will get you to the finish line. Given the potential difficulties that any divorcee could face, what are some tactics to embrace during the divorce, and what are some behaviors and actions to avoid?

The simplest piece of advice we can give here is to remain calm during the divorce process. If you get angry in-person, or over social media, or on the phone with your spouse, then it will only make things more difficult during mediation or negotiation sessions between the two of you. Be as reasonable as you can, and use your support system — friends, family, therapists — to keep you sane during the process.

You should also be diligent about making sure the information you submit during the divorce is accurate and complete. Don’t lie about your finances or try to obscure or hide assets, and don’t purposely leave information or documents out of the process. Honest is the best policy here.

In addition, you should not make any major life decisions during your divorce. That may seem like “pressing pause” on your life, but if you were to up and move to a different state, or take a new job, or start a new relationship and/or get married, your divorce could become much more complicated.

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