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Litigating child custody when one parent is a narcissist

Litigating child custody when one parent is a narcissist

Someone with a narcissistic personality is defined as having a need for constant admiration and an inflated sense of self. Those with this personality disorder lack empathy and believe they are superior to others. So, when Michigan parents in a divorce situation are trying to hammer out a child custody agreement and one parent is a narcissist, it is crucial that the other has a handle on what to do and what not to do.

Even if a formal diagnosis of narcissism has not been made, narcissistic behavior may be prevalent in the way this parent interacts with his or her children. Mediation can be extremely difficult with a narcissist since the only outcome that will be accepted is the one he or she wants. No one ever wins an argument with a narcissist.

Convincing a judge

Litigation may actually bring a narcissist’s personality into the light. There are certain things that can be done when going up against a narcissist in court:

  • Keep all records such as report cards, videos, text messages, photos, calendars, medical visits to have a running list of details.
  • Refrain from leaving nasty messages on the voicemail of a narcissist.
  • Challenge every lie a narcissist makes.
  • Keep a diary of any conflicts in such a way that it can be read in court.
  • Keep the children out of any disagreements.
  • Be flexible when it comes to visitation such as changing visitation days when kids have a special event to attend.
  • Keep all communication straight to the point and respectable, calm and courteous and only speak, text or email about the children.
  • Have the children’s passports held by the court or a professional and have their names put on the State Department watch list.

No two child custody cases are the same. Michigan residents who are dealing with difficult circumstances such as these would be wise to seek out legal help. It is helpful to be as well prepared as possible when going before a family court judge.

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