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Making it through work when going through divorce

Making it through work when going through divorce

Going through a divorce is rough on anyone, second in stress only to losing a family member or loved one. Newly single Michigan residents may be struggling just to get themselves to work, let alone to perform adequately while on the job. Someone just starting the process of going through a divorce should give themselves enough personal time and space to cope and maintain good boundaries and limits in the workplace.

Many people develop addictions as coping mechanisms when going through a divorce, some of which are less healthy than others. Though becoming a workaholic may not seem like a big vice, it could take a toll in the long run and result in burnout. It is important to stay active in one’s personal life and maintain a support network outside of work. If someone needs a day to decompress, it’s reasonable to take a sick day here and there.

It can be hard to go through something as big as a divorce without coworkers knowing. Though it is fine to clue coworkers in about a divorce, personal details should be saved for friends, family, and therapists. That said, it could be a good idea to tell one’s superiors about the divorce as a way to let them know that the employee may not be the best equipped to handle something major at that time. Giving a boss advance notice is preferable to dropping the ball.

No one is going to expect someone to be calm or cool right at the outset of a divorce, but when a person is ready, it is important to try to forgive oneself and one’s ex-spouse for past wrongdoings. Getting through the emotional aspects of a divorce is easier with the help of a family law attorney who can focus on the nitty gritty aspects of things like property division.

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