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Man arrested for not paying financial support for child

Man arrested for not paying financial support for child

When Michigan parents have a child, the end of the relationship does not mean that their responsibilities have ended as well. Financial support for the child is an integral issue that must be adhered to. When it is not, the custodial parent has alternatives to seek that the living expenses, medical coverage and more be paid. The noncustodial parent should be aware that there are various penalties that can be assessed. If the delinquent payments become substantial enough, there can even be jail time.

A businessman in Detroit who works in land development is facing charges of delinquent child support. The man owes just shy of $100,000. The 66-year-old has allegedly not paid the required support for eight years. The charges reach the level of a felony. It is one child for whom he has not paid for the upkeep. The Child, Elder & Family Crimes (CEFC) unit issued the charges. The man is a significant part of the real estate business in Michigan and was recently involved in the ownership group for a building that was once a hospital.

When a custodial parent is not receiving the required payments in child support, it can be a difficult time. Taking the necessary steps to get those payments might seem intimidating, but it is important. While there might be a viable reason why the supporting parent is not paying child support and keeping it current, that is not an excuse to shop paying it completely. Not only does this hinder the way the child is cared for, but it can lead to an arrest and charges. For the supporting parent, the order can be modified if it is no longer applicable.

To get the payments, the custodial parent can seek wage garnishment, license suspensions, tax refunds to be seized, and, as in this case, an arrest for the delinquent parent. Having legal help to explore the options is a must. A law firm that understands all areas of family law from divorce to child support to child custody should be called for advice and help to avoid the case spiraling out of control and causing more problems.

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