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Mediation can be a non-adversarial way to get divorced

Mediation can be a non-adversarial way to get divorced

Television and the movies may make it seem like all divorces are contentious affairs fought out in a courtroom. However, many couples in Plymouth wishing to end their marriage are finding that there are other, non-adversarial ways to divorce. For example, sometimes a divorce settlement can be reached through mediation.

Through mediation, the spouses work together with a neutral third-party mediator to negotiate their divorce issues. The mediator is not a decision-maker. Rather, the mediator facilitates discussions between the spouses, helping the spouses themselves come to an agreement they are both satisfied with.

Spouses going through mediation can still be represented by attorneys, if they wish. In addition, if a couple is not on great terms with one another, they can each meet with the mediator separately, and the mediator can serve as a go-between in order to encourage productive conversations.

Sometimes it takes several mediation sessions for a settlement to be reached that both parties agree upon. Once this settlement is reached, it will be submitted to the court for approval. Once approved, it will be made part of the divorce decree.

Of course, there are some instances in which mediation may not be the preferred option for ending a marriage. If the couple’s divorce is based on an illegal act, it needs to be litigated. Also, if spouses are completely unable to work together, and child custody is an issue, sometimes litigation is the preferable option.

However, mediation may be worth considering if you want to end your divorce on a high note. When a person has a say in the outcome of their divorce, as they do through mediation, they are often more satisfied with the results. And, it sets the stage for any further interactions they may need to have with their ex, for example, if they are raising a child together. Learning positive communication techniques, with the help of a professional often allows both parties to move on from their divorce in a positive fashion.

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