Reasons a mother can lose custody of her child in Michigan

Reasons a mother can lose custody of her child in Michigan

Divorce or separation can be extremely complicated when there is a child involved. Depending on the circumstances, the mother may be given primary custody of the child while the father gets the right to visitation.

But did you know an existing custody order can be reviewed and modified? Here are circumstances that can result in the mother losing custody of her child.

Abuse and neglect

Child abuse is the number one reason why a parent may lose custody of their child. Child abuse can take the forms of physical, mental as well as emotional abuse. Sometimes, physical abuse can come in the form of corporal punishment. However, it is important to understand that there is a difference between abuse and discipline.

Violation of a custody order

When the court makes a ruling on how custody and visitation will be handled, it is important that both parties adhere to this ruling. Violating a custody order by denying the father his visitation rights can result in contempt charges. If found guilty, one of the consequences of this could be loss of custodial rights. The same applies to badmouthing or alienating the child from their father.

Drug and alcohol abuse

A parent who is addicted to drugs and alcohol may pose a serious danger to the child. Besides, a parent who is addicted to drugs and alcohol abuse will have a difficult time convincing the court that they are capable of making decisions that serve in the child’s best interest. For this reason, they may lose custody of the child until such a time that they shall have recovered from the addiction.

Once the court has ruled on child custody, it might be tempting to believe that the decree is final. However, this is not always the case. A mother can lose custody of her child if the court believes that her actions are not serving the child’s best interests.


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