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Sharing child custody with a narcissist

Sharing child custody with a narcissist

Child custody can be a messy situation, even under the best circumstances. When a narcissistic parent is part of the equation, things get even more challenging. The person who’s a narcissist likely exhibits traits that make it hard to work as a parenting team.

These individuals are usually self-centered and unable to think about how their actions affect others. They’re largely unwilling to negotiate and usually do things just to feel more powerful. It’s critical that you go into the custody situation with a plan if your ex is a narcissist.

Never react to their antics

One thing that narcissists want is control. In a child custody case, they may say or do things to get a rise out of you. Instead of giving the satisfaction and power that they’re craving, keep a straight face and remain calm when you’re around them. You can also yell, scream and throw things when you get home and area alone.

Keep records of everything

Narcissists live in their own world. They don’t see reality in the same way as others. This means that you’ll likely spend a lot of time defending yourself or trying to disprove what they’re claiming. Keeping records of everything, especially things related to the children, is critical just in case you have to prove anything in court.

The nature of a narcissist makes it hard to get along with them. They may cause issues at every turn in a child custody matter, especially if they feel as though they’re losing. Having a solid parenting plan is one of the best defenses you have when you’re trying to raise children with a narcissistic ex.

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