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Should you tell a child’s teacher about a divorce?

Should you tell a child’s teacher about a divorce?

Getting a divorce feels very personal. You limit who you tell, at least at first, and you keep it off of social media. You basically just talk to family and close friends. 

That said, your child is attending school this fall. They know about the upcoming divorce, but do you also need to tell the teacher? You’re not obligated to do so, of course, but should you do it for your child’s sake? 

Reasons to tell the teacher

You can certainly make your own decision based on your desires and what you think is best for your family, but you’ll find that it’s often wise to let the teacher know about the divorce. Here are a few reasons why:

  • If your child needs someone to talk to, the teacher is a natural person to turn to, so having them involved can help.
  • If the child starts acting differently or struggling with their work, it can help the teacher to know why, and they can then address things properly.
  • You and your spouse may have attended school events together in the past, but now you’ll do so alone. The teacher may help coordinate things.
  • Your pickup and drop-off schedule could change with your new custody situation, and the school needs to know who is allowed to be involved in this.

Many children see the teacher as their main support system. If your child feels this way, the teacher is likely going to learn about the divorce no matter what you decide. 

To make your divorce go smoothly for your child and yourself, be sure you know what legal steps to take to protect your goals for the future.

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