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Taking the First Step: What to Expect in the Initial Meeting With Your Divorce Attorney

Taking the First Step: What to Expect in the Initial Meeting With Your Divorce Attorney

Time and time again, most people will tell you to hire a divorce attorney when going through a divorce. Discussing the intimate details of your divorce with an attorney can be pretty nerve-wracking, but afterward, you will start to feel a sense of relief. The first meeting with your attorney will jumpstart your journey toward happiness.

Comfort With Your Attorney

A reasonable divorce attorney should speak to you with compassion. The emotions they can expect from you have an extensive range, so they’re prepared to accept whatever feelings you exude. Attorneys will be gentle and clear about what your options are. They’re going to assume you don’t have much legal knowledge. They will try to help you understand exactly what the divorce process will look like. An accepting, knowledgeable attorney to walk you through your divorce will make the process more comfortable for both you and your attorney.

Getting to Know You

Your attorney can’t give you the proper assistance without knowing you, your family, and your spouse well. You will most likely fill out a descriptive client information sheet. You will answer questions about your family honestly and review any documentation you provide. Expect to go into considerable detail about your children, your home life, your properties, your assets, and your debts. An attorney can’t properly evaluate your situation without your preparation and honesty. Your attorney will also review your client information sheet and ask follow-up questions. Not only will your attorney ask you questions, but you should also be able to ask questions.


Your attorney can help you with the finer legal points of your divorce, but they may also advise you to consult with experts in various fields to assist with the process. In your first meeting, your divorce lawyer will assess whether or not this is necessary. Some of these other parties could include a psychologist, a divorce coach, an estate attorney, or a financial advisor. Attorneys don’t want any of your problems to go unsolved.


Your goal should be to be as honest as possible in your initial meeting with your attorney. Remember: What you and your attorney discuss is confidential. You do not have to worry about your spouse finding out any information.

Discussing Your Options

Your attorney will describe your options based on the details you provide. They may recommend collaborative divorce, mediation, or litigation, for example, as potential legal approaches. They will describe how each of these divorce styles works and give you space to ask any clarifying questions. Every divorce is different, so the approach your attorney will advise may vary.

Giving Advice and Drafting a Plan

After gathering information about your situation, your attorney will give you advice. You will respond to their advice with your opinions. Together, you will collaborate and draft a plan for moving forward.


If you know divorce is coming your way, it doesn’t hurt to meet with an attorney. Even if talks of divorce haven’t crossed into paperwork just yet, you can seek advice and ask questions about your situation with an attorney. Contact an experienced divorce lawyer today if you are considering a divorce.

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