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Complex legal issues often accompany some of the most stressful events in life. How you address these issues is crucial; you can set the stage for a smooth transition and a new beginning or run into catastrophe.

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What Our Clients Say

Working with Stacey Selleck was a blessing. She helped my child and myself through the most difficult time in our lives. Stacey made me feel like I was her only client. She always made time for me and even called me (with good news) while vacationing with her family.


Stacey is down to earth, hard-working, kind, a fighter, and incredibly honest. I felt at ease with her and her assistant, Jillian, from the moment I met them. Stacey was not only my attorney; she became my friend, sounding board, and fierce ally.

I am forever grateful to Stacey and Jillian.


Stacey Selleck did an awesome job on my case. I know when she took the time to call me (from her vacation I later discovered) that I had the right attorney. She is very knowledgeable on the law, no-nonsense and I could tell also very respected by her interaction with peers at the 35th District Court. She was successful in getting my charges reduced and I received a fair judgement ruling. Every time I called her office with a question, I got a prompt same day return call back from her assistant Jillian. Even the judge remarked on what a great job she did at the end of my hearing.


The Best Divorce Attorney. The Settlement Stacey got for me allowed me to pay cash for a new home and begin a new life!


I went thru a divorce without an attorney, later I come to find out that was a mistake. I was referred to Selleck Legal by a friend and am by far very pleased with the service. Stacey and her staff were very friendly and professional in all the times I’ve needed them. Stacey was professional in and out of the courtroom and very courteous to my time and needs. Even after the case was settled she helped and answered any questions. I would recommend her office to anyone that was planning on it going they divorce.


After 6 years of going back and forth to court with my narcissistic ex-husband we were finally able to get an attorney who worked for me and did what we asked instead of giving in to my ex and working for him. Stacey is great in helping me do what is best for my children. We also got some of the medical expenses paid by my children’s father, now just waiting for him to pay the rest of what was ordered. I would recommend Stacey to anyone who is dealing with a narcissist.


Stacey is not only an extremely competent attorney in multiple areas of the law, she is also a truly caring person and works tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. I would recommend Stacey to anyone serious about winning!