My divorce was finalized on December 14th, 2014. I’m ashamed that I am writing this just now because I am positive that this will help someone in making the right decision to hire a wonderful attorney and her amazing staff. Divorcing was an extremely traumatic and stressful decision for me, however, from the moment I sat down with the Stacey I knew I had my attorney.

Stacey was patient in listening to what I needed from her, answering my questions and making sure I understood her answers; filling in the blanks when I did not know what questions to ask. I knew going in that I had a very difficult spouse who would make the process as hard as possible. I knew coming out of her office that she was going to do everything in her power to nullify his efforts. I believed her, which was important to me she have integrity. She didn’t spin a story about how everything was going to work out exactly in my favor and she did not fight my case with the intentions of breaking me financially. Stacey expressed that she would be accessible and that messages would be returned in a timely fashion. She advised me every step of the way and I felt comfortable and empowered; that she afforded me the opportunity to have the least stressful divorce situation possible.

It is not enough however to have an attorney on your side, who is kind and nice and compassionate. Ultimately, you need someone who is a professional that knows the law, tendencies, has good working relationships with other court officials and handles paperwork efficiently. It is easy to tell that she is passionate about her work, likes to do a great job and actually cares. I have to express the same sentiments for Jillian who I spoke to most often. It did not matter how many times I called or the reason I called she was always friendly and professional.

I am quick to recommend her office to anyone who needs attorney services. As a matter of fact I did recommend a friend who used Stacey’s services and her sentiments would be a mirror of my own. I thank you guys and I am forever grateful.