Stacey represented me in a PPO case against my son’s father. I’m a young single mother who didn’t have the slightest clue about any court related matters. From the initial consultation I knew Stacey was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about family law. I never had to wait more than an hour or two for a call back whenever I had questions. When it came time to serve the opposing party hearing papers, it proved to be more difficult to locate him than we had originally thought. Stacey took matters into her own hands and managed to serve him personally. Not only did that show her determination but it also showed me she cared about representing me and getting results fast Stacey will be the only family law attorney I will consult for future custody disputes. It’s no secret she is a wonderful divorce attorney, –but if you are a young single mom unsure of your next steps, Stacey is the one to talk to.