After being separated from my ex for years, he had decided he finally wanted a divorced. He was armed with a friend of the family lawyer. I panicked. I started calling lawyers in the area for advice. I got the same run around. Leaving a message, wait for a call back. Then I came across Selleck Legal, PLLC. I didn’t get a receptionist this time. Stacey had answered the phone herself. She was confident, and knew the laws. She had calmed my nerves and I hadn’t even met with her yet. Throughout the case, I was always able to get a hold of Stacey, if I had any questions. My ex could never get a hold of his lawyer. She worked out even worked out payments. At the end of the case even though my ex started the process. With Selleck Legal, PLLC, on my side, I felt we had more control.