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The challenges of visitation with infants

The challenges of visitation with infants

Parents in Michigan may struggle at first to figure out the proper visitation schedule that will enable the other parent to visit with their infant child. There is no one correct solution to this dilemma. However, it may take some time to find the right schedule for each child.

Parents should most likely start off with short visits when the child is very young. Overnights are not always feasible, especially when the child is a baby. Many courts will not order visitation until the child reaches the age of three. The parent can spend progressively more time with the child as they get older. In other words, the parents should start with small steps and work towards more time as the child can handle it.

The challenges are compounded when the child is breastfeeding. There will need to be some leeway for the mother’s ability to breastfeed the child. However, that should not serve as a bar that would keep the father from ever being able to see his child. Both parents should have the right to be able to spend time and bond with the child. However, the realities should also factor into the situation. Eventually, the parents will be able to settle into a routine with a defined schedule that should respect both of their custodial rights as parents.

The advice of a child custody attorney may be instrumental as a parent tries to make their way through this time. Parents are focused on their infant child and may need some help to determine the best schedule. If one parent feels that their rights are not being respected, they might take the case in front of a judge for the right to see their child. The best outcome is that an attorney can help negotiate a visitation schedule that works.

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