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Tips for handling co-parenting in the early days

Tips for handling co-parenting in the early days

One of the most important things for co-parents to remember is that your child’s best interests must remain at the heart of every decision that you make. This isn’t always easy, especially if you and your ex don’t agree on what’s best. Several things might help ensure that you aren’t falling into the habit of placing other factors above your child’s needs.

Sometimes, your ex might do things just to try to get a rise out of you. You have to realize when this is happening so that you don’t give them the satisfaction they seek. Instead, take a step back to calm down and consider your options.

Internalizing your feelings can also sometimes lead to challenges. Remember that you shouldn’t turn child custody into a personal battle. You and your ex are still a parenting team, even when you disagree. Being willing to look at the situation from the outside is often beneficial and can help you gain much-needed perspective.

Communication is another primary consideration. You and your ex must be able to communicate respectfully and directly with each other. Don’t try to use the children as a go-between when you’re working through things. When you ask the children to relay messages, you might end up with misconstrued messages and the kids might feel they are having to choose between parents.

The terms that are set in the parenting plan can help your children to feel more secure. The key is to set the plan for what they need now. Modifications enable you to come to a new agreement as the children grow up and their needs change.

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