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Understand paternity fraud and how to protect yourself

Understand paternity fraud and how to protect yourself

Paternity is an important legal topic in the realm of family law. That is because it is through paternity testing that a man be proven to be a child’s father. Though in many cases a man may be known or presumed to be a child’s father, in other situation a Michigan man may be required to submit DNA samples to prove or disprove that he fathered a child.

If a man is shown through genetic testing to be the father of a child, he may be required to support the child through the payment of money. Child support is used to care for a child during their minority and to provide that child with their basic and extended needs. When a man is compelled to pay child support for a child that is not proven through testing to be his, he may be a victim of paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud occurs when a man is held legally responsible for the support of a child that is not biologically his. This can happen in a number of ways, from mistakes made during testing to false information being given to a court during a child support hearing. Paternity fraud can be a financially, emotionally, and personally draining matter, and men who are faced with paternity challenges can seek legal help.

It may be possible for a man who is subject to a wrongful paternity claim to overcome his legal burdens through new genetic testing or other legal paths. A family law attorney who works in the paternity field may be a valuable asset for an individual in this difficult situation. As all paternity cases are different, it is important that readers discuss their needs with their attorneys and not rely on this post as legal advice.

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