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Understanding legal rights is a key factor in a Michigan divorce

Understanding legal rights is a key factor in a Michigan divorce

For Michigan couples who are getting a divorce, the emotional impact can be difficult. Sometimes, people who are in the middle of the turmoil of divorce will forget their legal rights. This includes what they can and cannot do. Failure to adhere to the law can cause problems with the case.

A frequent mistake is if people try to hide, destroy or transfer property that would be subject to property division. When the assets are scrutinized, it is a relative certainty that the property will be found.

Child custody is an even bigger source of dispute than property division. Until the case is completed, the parent should remain in the state with the child. Moving away could hinder any attempt at gaining custody. Another issue with children is ensuring that both parents have parenting time. Hiding the child and not allowing visitation will inevitably be damaging.

Financially, many couples have joint bank accounts and credit cards. One spouse may accumulate debt on these accounts, and debt will be split just like property. The person who made the purchases could find him or herself responsible for it, so both parties should exercise caution.

Harassment and the potential for violence is another concern during divorce proceedings. The victim should seek protection as the alleged harasser could face myriad legal and personal problems for violating the law in this way.

Finally, there will be court orders as part of the proceeding. This can help with protecting legal rights, but some people fail to adhere to the court orders. Following the law is a wise step to ensure that child custody and property division proceed fairly.

Legal rights are a fundamental aspect of any divorce. When moving forward with ending a marriage, having quality legal advice may help individuals avoid these mistakes and help the process go smoothly.

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