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We can help establish paternity and everything that comes after

We can help establish paternity and everything that comes after

There are many reasons that establishing paternity for your child may be on your mind. Whether you are the mother looking to put a legal father on record for your child, a grandmother looking for grandparent’s rights or a father seeking parental rights, seeking paternity is the first step for many. With the legal establishment of paternity comes a range of rights and responsibilities.

When the parents are married, the law assumes that the husband is the father of any child born during the marriage. When the parents are not married, establishing paternity is a legal matter.

Sometimes, a parent doesn’t realize that in order to seek child support, child custody rights or other related parental duties, paternity needs to be legally established. Without that legal link from parent to child, these steps cannot be taken. Think of establishing paternity as the first stepping stone to many other paths in terms of a parent and a child.

The legal professionals at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″] are here to help all who have questions about paternity. For many, the day they receive legal paternity is a proud moment as a parent. It opens up so many doors in terms of your ability to help your child and to connect with them as their parent.

Arguably, there isn’t any more important relationship in a person’s life than the one between parent and child. Foster that relationship with a paternity determination. Being able to be a proud parent is something that is a true joy. This is the way to seek that moment.

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