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What are your priorities in your divorce?

What are your priorities in your divorce?

Couples who don’t share children don’t have to worry about things like child custody when they divorce. For those individuals, the list of things that are priorities during the split is much different than they are for those who do share children.

It’s imperative that you go into the divorce process with an idea of what you want to fight for. It’s likely not feasible for you to try to battle your ex over every tiny point of the divorce settlement.

Consider emotional ties

Some assets might have emotional ties to one person. Ideally, that person will be able to hold on to those. In some cases, they might be separate property. It’s possible that keeping something with an emotional connection might not be possible, so be sure you prepare for that just in case.

Look at the budget

You’re going to have to support the asset you keep using only your own income. It’s best to sit down and create a budget so you have a realistic idea of what you can afford. You may find that some assets just don’t work with the budget. It’s probably best to let those go so that you aren’t struggling later trying to afford them.

Anyone who’s going through a divorce should ensure they’re doing what’s in their best interests. This is your time to try to have the best foundation possible as you transition to your single life. Just be sure that you aren’t letting unrealistic expectations rule the decisions you’re making. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases enables you to have another person protecting your rights.


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