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What family factors play a role in property division in a divorce?

What family factors play a role in property division in a divorce?

If you and your ex have significant property together and you don’t agree on how to split those belongings up when you divorce, then you will have to go to court. A family law judge in Michigan will apply state laws to your family circumstances to decide the best way to divide your belongings and your debts. 

Their order will establish your financial foundation for your future. Being able to gauge the likely outcome can help you feel more comfortable when planning for your post-divorce life. What details about your family will have a direct impact on property division proceedings? 

Both family and financial circumstances influence property division

Equitable distribution rules require a careful and measured approach to property division. Michigan family law judge dividing your property will need to know the extent of your shared property and separate property, as well as information about your marriage

Unpaid contributions to the household, each spouse’s health issues and even how long you stayed married can be important factors when a judge decides how to divide your property and assign responsibility for repaying your debt. Typically, marital misconduct, like adultery, will have very little or no effect on how a judge divides your property when you divorce, but one spouse’s inability to support themselves due to leaving the workforce for the family or health issues might. 

Looking over your personal and financial circumstances will help you decide the best strategy to employ and goals to set for your upcoming Michigan divorce.

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