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What if false results occur from a DNA paternity test?

What if false results occur from a DNA paternity test?

It could be a nightmare to parents if a DNA test provides a false result. It’s important for parents in Michigan to know the paternity of their children for several reasons, of one which could be for health reasons. But the DNA industry in the United States and other countries is largely unregulated, so when a DNA sample is provided to one lab, that lab could sell it to another without any approval process whatsoever.  

Can change lives 

Paternity testing can impact the lives of all those involved. In the United States, if such a test is to be used in court, a lab will need accreditation from a group such as the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). However, it only offers some quality control, according to legal experts. Testing without defined legal parameters puts those who use them at risk. If a test comes back showing a man is not the biological father, the couple may split up. Some tests in utero could be instrumental is some women ending their pregnancies, so in these potential life-altering tests, errors must be non-existent. 

Problems with fetal testing 

It has been shown that the only way to get accurate DNA results from a child yet unborn is to sample fetal cells from the amniotic fluid, which could trigger a miscarriage. Some labs insist that these tests can be done by taking blood from the woman’s arm which can be done, but results would be iffy, yet some companies offer these non-invasive tests. With questionable results, DNA can be tested by another lab, which can provide different results. 

The bottom line is that many in the legal profession suggest enhanced accreditation and quality testing for labs selling genetic tests to the public. Scientific trials need to be conducted on these tests. Michigan residents who have questions about the very complex issue of paternity would be wise to consult an attorney experienced in family law.   

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