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What to consider when deciding to take your divorce case to court

What to consider when deciding to take your divorce case to court

Divorce is never an easy decision for anyone, and the difficulty is often anchored in finances and concerns for the well-being of any dependent children. Very contentious Michigan divorce cases might wind up in court where the state will impose their will on both spouses. The problem is that these cases often result in rulings that neither party wants. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to go to court or settle.

Stress concerns

Stress is a major factor in almost all divorce cases. Divorces are emotional in practically every instance, especially when one spouse is contesting the divorce or is being difficult regarding specific issues. Divorces that do not include child support and parenting plans can still create emotional upheaval. Mediation can be an effective option when there are aspects of the marriage that both spouses would just as soon keep private and be able to agree upon. Settling the divorce with the help of a mediator may help couples avoid the extra stress of a trial.

Money concerns

When divorcing couples act unreasonable before going to court, they might have many choices taken away from them. This is especially true when one spouse refuses to compromise with respect to equitable distribution of marital property. An individual might think they can get more of the marital property by fighting in court, but it is more likely to lead to a long and costly legal battle. The extra court fees might not be worth the cost of a bigger share of assets.

Unwanted outcomes

Marriage dissolution agreements from a mediation process can eliminate the chance of unwanted outcomes in a messy divorce because settling avoids airing all issues in an open public forum. Plus, the state can often be restricted from intervening as an advocate for either spouse or any dependent children. If the couple is hasty in bringing a case to court, the final judicial ruling might result in application of the law that neither party wants. An experienced Michigan family law attorney may help clients consider all possible results before taking a case to court.

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