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Winning custody as a Michigan dad

Winning custody as a Michigan dad

As a father, you may often feel like the underdog in a custody case. However, you should remember that the judge in a custody case can never hold bias toward the mother or father because of their respective genders. The judge is there purely to decide what arrangement is in the best interests of the child.

In order to decide what is in the child’s best interests, they will examine all the facets of the case. This will include the past relationship you had with the child in question. Here are some tips for fathers to ensure that they make the best possible impression on the judge.

Make sure that you have a strong relationship with your child

If you have not built a strong relationship with your child since birth, this will definitely affect the court’s custodial decision. This is because they want to child to have a smooth transition into the new custody arrangement. It’s important to do what you can to bond with your child within the current custody status.

Keep current with your child support payments

The judge will verify that you put supporting your child financially as your top priority, before any other bills. Therefore, keeping up with every payment is vital in contested custody cases.

Show that your child is your priority

You can talk the talk, but you must also walk the walk — actions speak louder than words. Showing up to your child’s school activities and preparing a bedroom for him or her in your home can make a good impression regarding your commitment for custody of your child.

It’s important to stand up for your rights as a father and make sure that your positive actions are recognized under the law.

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